Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spuradic Reading

I go in spurts, sometimes I read all I can get my hands on while other times I have absolutely no interest in reading another thing about breast cancer. However if you tantalize me with a headline I can be persuaded into reading about something even when I otherwise wouldn't be interested.  Today was one of those days!

Somewhere along the line I came across WebMD.  This is an online site that has quite a lot of information on a variety of issues.  Instead of reading through the entire site, I had them send me email updates for breast cancer. I have enjoyed many of their articles, but I don't always link to the site. That's what I like about this feature.  If I am interested in an article I can link to it and read more, but if I don't have time or I'm just not into it that day, I can skip it.  Today I received and email from them with several good articles, but one in particular stood out to me.

I wish I could just paste the email for you, but instead I will link you to a few of the articles.  Maybe one will be on something just for you.

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