Monday, November 21, 2011


I am very happy to share that my report went well.  I had a variety of tests this past week and so far it is looking pretty good.  My tumor markers were well within range and my PET scan did not indicate any recurrence.  My CT scan did find a couple of things, one of which was on my last scan and then a new one.

It is a mixed feeling of relief - when everything looks good, but a test finds "spots".  OK, so what are the spots?  Are they going to develop into something at some point? Then you have to tell yourself; "Just enjoy this and stop looking so far ahead!" And really I do tell myself that, but then my curiosity gets the better of me and I start to research my tests results.  I use the phrase knowledge is power from time to time on my postings, and I believe that.  But I can also tell you that sometimes too much information can just plain freak you out - or at least me.

While I was researching my test results I found it very interesting that tumor markers are different for different types of cancers.  So I thought I would share the link;  Specific Tumor Markers

I also am on a routine schedule of having a PET/CT scan every four months for my first year out of treatment.  So, I will have my next scan in March of 2012.  There is a lot of debate about having the scans too frequently and I am happy that my oncologist takes that into consideration, but being a high risk cancer patient, it is important to monitor any changes.  I am just fine with that.

Here is a good link that explains the test and what the difference is, as you can have one without the other.  PET/CT Scan

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