Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Do It!

I am not a huge fan of the gym, but I do like to stay active.  Before my cancer I was a pretty busy person, and my schedule varied from day to day.  Finding time to “work out” was really hard.  So, I would go for things that didn’t take much time, but my body responded well to.

Each of our bodies respond to the foods we eat and the type of exercise we do differently.  It’s important to eat healthy and exercise, but do it smart.  Me, I am not a runner.  Heavy cardio is not my friend.  I feel awful and I don’t get a good return for my efforts.  I always had great results with pilates.  It made my body more flexible and better balanced. Just before my breast surgery, I tore my ACL snow skiing.  After that surgery, bike riding was easier for me than walking. And, after my double mastectomy, I had to adjust my exercise yet again.  Besides physical therapy, I had very good luck with a balance ball.

The point is this, you don’t always have to exercise like crazy or do whatever is trendy, but you do need to exercise.

The connection between cancer and exercise is amazing.  Not only does exercise help to reduce stress levels (and good golly do you feel stress with all this), but by adding just 150 minutes a week you can reduce your chance of recurrence or death of breast cancer by 40%. Now I might not like official exercise, but I’m no dummy.  I can certainly include 150 minutes into my weekly schedule.

Don’t take my word for it, there are tons of articles and studies available on the internet.  Here are a few you might find interesting:


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