Thursday, September 22, 2011

He's Probably Right

From time to time I will have my husband read over my blog posts to make sure I haven’t misspelled a word or such.  His comments always make me giggle.  Like yesterday’s post – he seemed to think the analogy of peeling an onion with some tears was more appropriate than unwrapping a pretty package. He’s probably right. And he has often teased me, saying that I chickened out on sharing my personal experience with you by having you read about it somewhere else.  He’s probably right there too.

But the thing is this; some parts are hard.  Hard to share, hard to read, and hard to deal with if you are in the same boat.  The biggest reason I didn’t care for blogs when I was at the start of my breast cancer is that they scared me.  Plain and simple!  I didn’t want to hear how awful something was that I had to have done in 2 days or next week.  Nor did I want to think it was a walk in the park and then get blindsided. 

I want you to feel like you have the information you need to ask the right questions and make good choices .  I do not in any way want to add anxiety to your situation (there is certainly enough of that already).  Questions are always welcome, and I am happy to share my personal experiences in detail with anyone who really wants to know, but it most likely will not be on my blog.

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